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Video: The Best Nintendo Switch Games You’ve Probably Never Heard Of (Part 2)

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Superliminal is a great shout!


Thanks, I’m going to download Love. Hope it has banging chip tune music!


Yooka-Laylee? Nah, not after how they lied during the kickstarter for the orginal!



There is this hidden gem of a game called Celeste. Also a relatively unknown game called the breath of the wild. Apparently it’s a prequel to genshin impact.



Interesting feature. However, in major part thanks to you guys, these are well known games to me on the eshop circuit and I own the majority of them (only 2 I don’t).

I think “Love” is the only one I don’t know much about and I didn’t look much into Toryst beyond your review!


@Clyde_Radcliffe “What do you mean? What did they lie about?”

Bringing Yooka-Laylee to Wii U, I guess but it was a dead console at time of release, so they clearly made the right decision. A small developer, as Playtonic were at that point can’t afford to take silly chances if it wants to grow and be successful.


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Double-u double-u double-u dot come on now dot come, I’d heard about all of these, most on this very site! ^_^


Yeah I feel like Yooka Kaylee, Tourist, two point hospital are all fairly well known (though I don’t know if they sold well).

That said, even though they are all on my list I still haven’t got round to them!


The Tourist was NOT a good game. One of my worst purchases. WAY overpriced, simple, boring, and often tedious. Stay away.


@breathe_easy Ahh okay, thanks. I hear it’s a bit patchy anyway and the sequel mentioned in this article is better. I’m just downloading the demo. 😃



Two Point Hospital has been on my buy list since it released, but I never see it in shops. Lonely Mountains is another one I keep meaning to buy.

Can confirm that FAST RMX is an amazing racing game with impeccable performance. It’s not exactly F-Zero, but close enough to fill that niche.


Another vote for Fast RMX! The only thing it’s missing, for me, is online leaderboards.


@Clyde_Radcliffe the original isnt too bad if you can get it on sale, the sequel is 2.5D and more like DKC where as original is a 3D plat and more like banjo kazooie

The original is still worth a shot imo, it’s not as good as banjo kazooie but still worth a play if you can get it on a good sale


Happy to see The Touryst get a mention. A fantastic game. I think of it as a Digital Toy (much like Short Hike as mentioned). I haven’t quite completed it, so I may have to play through again. By this point, I’ve played the “break out” clone available in the little arcade in the game. Well worth your time!



Superliminal has caught my eye a couple.times. I need to put it on my watch list so I can catch the next sale.


Oh Alex,

You used to be funny but somehow now I just feel bad for you.



I had Fast RMX on WiiU and remember just hitting a wall at a certain point. Some track has loads of random posts to crash into, I gave up…




I used to think that until he unleashed his inner trollness on me. Now I only feel sadness and loss.


I’ve recommended it here before, but Crossniq+ is a perfect indie gem. It’s a arcade puzzler like Puyo Puyo or Tetris The Grandmaster with an amazing visual style and excellent music. It’s really cheap too, around 8 USD and it often goes on sale.


Runner 3 is such a fun game. Kind of a rhythm platformer. The difficulty escalates quickly. Luckily, you can dial-in the difficulty in the game settings (I had to reduce the amount of enemies for each level).

Need to check out the Touryst. Love the art direction & style.


I have heard of all of them besides Love! I have hardly played any of them though. Two Point Hospital intrigues me the most though, as well as Fast RMX!


@AZD1222 I bought 2 copies of botw to help the starving indie company nintendo out. And I accidentally bought celeste on sale and I feel so bad about it so I’m gonna buy it again soon.


Jets ‘N Guns 2 is a great shmup that I haven’t seen mentioned or reviewed here. Great gameplay, amazing music, two player co-op, with tons of weapons and ways to customize your ship. I thought it was just light on challenge due to its checkpoint system, but it’s one of the best shooters on Switch, IMO.


I’ve heard of most of them. I got Yooka-Laylee Impossible Lair free on PC a while back, but might get it cheap on console at some point, probably Xbox (4k, mmm). It mostly gets bundled with the first game in sales though, and I already have that.


@Rygar I think I preferred Runner 2 to Runner 3… Runner 3 should have been better than Runner 2, but they tried to do a little too much and it was bit too difficult, I thought (at least for me).


I have four of them and lonely downhill was my favorite


I’ve been missing videos from Alex, it’s good to see him again


I remember buying Fast-RMX on Switch at launch, would recommend if you want some some F-Zero nostalgia for a reasonable price.


Wandersong,Lethal League Blaze are also great hidden gems


@AlexOlney hey Alex, I actually have an underrated multiplayer gem for you – ever heard of Ultimate Chicken Horse? It’s a hilarious and fun indie party game, I feel like you’d like it.


The Touryst had possibly the worst and most shallow demo I ever played.


Impossible lair is rubbish. I hate yooka and laylee. Terrible characters



Fast RMX is great! The Touryst is solid but I had a lot of issues with it that bring it down.


Fast RMX is a must have, an extremely good racer…


Two point is great and all it’s just a lot to keep up with. Luckily you can just pause things and catch up on who needs to be doing what. I find myself pausing the action a whole lot and also having to redo the hospital layout quite often as I expand. Helps with chaos overload because the game is full of that.

As for the list I mean if you want to talk about little known titles do it but these aren’t that (maybe Love).


Is there a list of essentials though? I still haven’t got through more than the two Zeldas.


@LillianC14 Yooka-Laylee? Nah, not after how they lied during the kickstarter for the orginal!

It always amazes me that people say stuff like KNOWING that someone is going to ask for more details. Why not just give the details before anyone has to ask?


@AZD1222 There is this hidden gem of a game called Celeste. Also a relatively unknown game called the breath of the wild. Apparently it’s a prequel to genshin impact.

I heard that call of the wild game is getting a sequel.


@Zidentia Ah, this is known as a parasocial breakup in my field. Condolences. (But trolling Alex won’t make things better, either.)

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