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Home News "From Now, With BJP-RSS": Ex-Navy Man Attacked By Shiv Sena Over Cartoon

“From Now, With BJP-RSS”: Ex-Navy Man Attacked By Shiv Sena Over Cartoon

'From Now, With BJP-RSS': Ex-Navy Man Attacked By Shiv Sena Over Cartoon

Ex-Navy veteran Madan Sharma met Maharashtra Governor today.


  • Navy veteran Madan Sharma was attacked near his home in Mumbai
  • His remarks came shortly after a meeting with Maharashtra Governor
  • He was attacked allegedly over a cartoon mocking Uddhav Thackeray


Navy veteran Madan Sharma, who was attacked near his home in Mumbai last week allegedly over a cartoon mocking Mahashtra Chief Minister Uddhav Thackeray, today said: “From now on, I am with the BJP-RSS. When I was beaten up, they had levelled allegations that I’m with the BJP-RSS. So now I announce, that I am with the BJP-RSS.” His latest remarks came shortly after his meeting with Governor Bhagat Singh Koshyari this afternoon as he demanded “President’s rule” in the state.

“I told him (Maharashtra Governor) about the incident, and said the charges against those accused of assaulting me are not appropriate. I got an assurance that proper action will be taken against them. I also said that government should be dissolved and Maharashtra should be placed under President’s rule,” the Navy veteran told reporters after the meeting.

Six accused, including local Shiv Sena leader Kamlesh Kadam, were released on bail on Saturday, a day after Mr Sharma, 65, was attacked near his home in Mumbai’s Kandivalli East allegedly for forwarding a cartoon on WhatsApp that mocked Uddhav Thackeray.

Mr Sharma, in his complaint, had said he had forwarded the cartoon to his residential society’s WhatsApp group. He later received a call from Kamlesh Kadam, who asked his name and address. On Friday afternoon, he was called outside the building and was attacked by a group of men, he told police.

Security footage that is being widely shared shows the veteran being thrashed by men, mostly wearing masks.

“We don’t know how the photo reached the Shiv Sena. We want strict action. The accused shouldn’t have got bail in this way. Police personnel had come to our house and spoke of a probe on us. I oppose this bail,” Dr Sheela Sharma, the 65-year-old’s daughter, told NDTV on Saturday.

Defence Minister Rajnath Singh, ex-Maharashtra Chief Minister Devendra Fadnavis and other BJP leaders had condemned the assault.

“Spoke to retired naval officer, Shri Madan Sharma who was attacked by hooligans in Mumbai and inquired about his health. Such attacks on Ex-Servicemen are completely unacceptable and deplorable. I wish Madan ji a speedy recovery,” the Defence Minister tweeted on Saturday.

Devendra Fadnavis on Sunday said: “It is very wrong and kind of (a) ‘state-sponsored terror’ situation. I called upon Uddhavji through my tweet to stop goonda raj (hooliganism). Six accused were released in 10 minutes.”

Two days after the assault, Mr Sharma sent a strong message to the Maharashtra Chief Minister, while talking to reporters. “I’m injured and stressed. What happened, is saddening. I’d like to tell Uddhav Thackeray that if you can’t look after law and order, then resign and let people decide who should,” Mr Sharma was quoted by news agency ANI.

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