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Brent Cross floods as water main bursts on North Circular Road

Drivers are left trapped in their submerged cars before being rescued by firefighters after burst water main flooded London’s North Circular and left it ‘looking like a swimming pool’

  • A burst water main flooded the A406 on London’s North Circular on Monday
  • Motorists were stuck in their vehicles as the water grew to alarming heights 
  • The London Fire Brigade have been helping motorists escape their vehicles
  • The fire services were first called at around 3.30pm on Monday afternoon
  • Footage revealed a truck and a Ferrari were trapped on the carriageway 

By Sam Blitz For Mailonline

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A burst water main flooded a carriageway on London’s North Circular on Monday which resulted in firefighters needing to save eight people trapped in their own cars.

Shocking footage from social media showed the A406 North Circular Road completely drenched in water, as the carriageway closed down immediately due to the crisis. 

The London Fire Brigade attended the scene as they helped the concerned motorists escape their vehicles near the Brent Cross interchange.  

The A406 carriageway on the North Circular Road was completely flooded following a burst water main on Monday, leaving many cars damaged and stranded

Vehicles of different styles and sizes were trapped in the water, including a truck (right) and a Ferrari (left), as eight motorists had to be rescued by emergency services

The Ferrari was left stranded and motionless before firefighters arrived to rescue the driver and seven other motorists travelling along the North Circular on Monday

Fire services were first called at around 3.37pm on Monday afternoon, as traffic jams occurred at both ends of the North Circular.  

Other footage shows one truck attempting to muscle its way through the flood, as well as a red Ferrari stuck in the middle of the carriageway.

According to Thames Water, the burst main on the road led to little or no water for everyone living in the NW2, NW4, & NW11 postcodes.  

A spokesperson said: ‘We’re sorry to anyone who has been disrupted by a burst pipe on the North Circular Road.

‘We know this has happened at an especially difficult time and understand the concerns our customers may have.

‘Our specialist engineers are on their way to investigate the problem, and they will be doing everything they can to resolve the issue as quickly as possible.’

It is not first time that a broken water main has led to the flooding of this particular carriageway, with the last incident resembling these scenes coming in 2018.

Frustrated motorists posted images of them being stuck in their cars as the water rose to half a metre high

The London Fire Brigade arrived to help motorists escape their vehicles and the carriageway was closed at both ends 

It is not the first time a burst water main has flooded the North Circular Road, with the last reported incident believed to have taken place in 2018

It is also understood that floods caused by burst water mains on the North Circular even date back to 1999. 

One social media user tweeted: ‘Burst water main on A406 AGAIN. Tried to search for it online and looks like this isn’t the first time this has happened. Last time in 2018? Who is doing such an awful job at fixing this mess? Ridiculous, take some damn responsibility, get the job done properly.’ 

Another wrote: ‘If you’re driving in north London today, avoid Brent Cross and the A406. It’s a river…’

Fire services were first called to the scene at around 3.37pm on Monday afternoon 

Footage showed how far the floods carried on the busy north London road on Monday

Labour MP for Brent North Barry Gardiner also tweeted news about the flooding, saying: ‘To all my constituents travelling home this evening intending to use the North Circular. Please be aware of the flooding at the Brent Cross intersection.’ 

A statement from the London Fire Brigade said: ‘We assisted with getting eight people out of their vehicles, that were trapped in their vehicles due to half a metre depth of water.’

Barnet Metropolitan Police Service added: ‘Significant travel disruption on #A406 North Circular at #BrentCross Interchange due to burst water main Please check your route before travel as diversions in place’

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